Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice – USA, 1992 – reviews

‘These children are home alone too. But their parents are never coming back.’

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice is a 1992 American horror feature film directed by David Price [as David F. Price] (Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde; Son of Darkness: To Die for II) from a screenplay by A. L. Katz and Gilbert Adler(Bordello of Blood; Tales from the Crypt TV series; Freddy’s Nightmares TV series). The movie stars Terence Knox, Ryan Bollman, Ned Romero and Paul Scherrer.

Bob Keen (Hellraiser III: Nightbreed; Waxwork) provided the special makeup effects.


The people of Hemingford decide to adopt the surviving children from Gatlin, intending to help them start new lives. A reporter, John Garrett, with reluctant son Danny, investigate the massacre and the reasons behind it.

Unfortunately for the locals, the children go again out to the cornfield and Hemingford children go with them, too. There one of the corn cult members, Micah, has been possessed by a demon sent by He Who Walks Behind The Rows, the demonic entity the cult worships…


“The new creepy kids are led by Micah, played by Ryan Bollman. He is not able to replicate the creepiness of Isaac and Malachai from the first one, but he does look intense enough to make a good horror villain. The kill scenes are fun and brings some more supernatural element to the film.” Cinema Terror

“Drawing in its share of on screen kills, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice also has an underlying theme beyond horror. That theme could be viewed at the importance to protect ourselves, land, and family. This is foreshadowed with the father/son relationship between John and Danny.” Cryptic Rock

“The concept of the hidden menace within a new town was utilised well, at least at first, and more effort was made to allow the audience to get to know the characters and use them to propel the story along rather than simply descend into immediate carnage.” Den of Geek!

“Terence Knox and Paul Scherrer are annoying as hell as a bickering father and son, Ryan Bollman is just horrible as Micah, Christie Clark does slightly better than most of the cast in her small role (playing Lacey), Ned Romero is brought low by some of the worst moments in a script full of bad moments and Marty Terry is shockingly bad in two roles.” For It Is Man’s Number

“Again we are treated to what seems to be a giant mole tunnelling underground, followed by poor CGI effects in an attempt to add an unnecessary supernatural element to the film. Of course, the sequel takes it too far before this point anyway, with pointless Predator-style ‘body-heat’ POV shots…” That Was a Bit Mental

II is more fun than most of those that followed (#5 was pretty good too), a slasher off-shoot with the ever-elusive He Who Walks Behind the Rows being referenced yet never explained or seen. This film is like junk-food, empty and worthless, full of crap but it tastes good!” Vegan Voorhees


Cast and characters:

  • Terence Knox … John Garrett
  • Paul Scherrer … Danny Garrett
  • Ryan Bollman … Micah
  • Christie Clark … Lacey Hellerstat
  • Rosalind Allen … Angela Casual
  • Ned Romero … Frank Redbear
  • Ed Grady … Dr. Richard Appleby
  • John Bennes … Reverend Hollings
  • Wallace Merck … Sheriff Blaine
  • Joe Inscoe … David Simpson
  • Kellie Bennett … Mary Simpson (as Kelly Bennett)
  • Robert C. Treveiler … Wayde McKenzie (as Rob Treveiler)
  • Leon Pridgen … Bobby Knite
  • Marty Terry … Mrs. Burke / Mrs. West
  • Ted Travelstead … Mordechai

Filming locations:

Liberty, North Carolina


The original title was Children of the Corn: Deadly Harvest

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