CONJURING SPIRIT aka HUSH (2014) Reviews and overview


‘Open the box if you dare’

Conjuring Spirit aka Hush – original title: Chung Cu’ Ma – is a 2014 Vietnamese supernatural horror feature film directed by Van M. Pham (co-producer of Spirits, 2004) from a screenplay written by Erik Martinez. The movie stars Phuong Mai, Su Quang, Hoang Phuc Nguyen and Chi Pu Chi Pu.


Lan, an author of detective novels, is betrayed by her husband having an affair, so she goes to live in an apartment block near her relatives, taking Bi, her five-year-old son with her.


The apartment manager, Mrs Chu, gives Lan a music box for Bi to play with. However, the box is cursed by the ghost of a former tenant who was murdered there and a plumber is soon killed on the job.

Meanwhile, Vu – an amateur musician living in the same apartment block – is trying to develop a relationship with Lan. Together, the pair attempt to discover the truth behind the creepy music box and a female spirit in a red dress that has been appearing…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

” …could easily have cut 30 minutes. For the record, it’s not that it gets boring or irrelevant. On the other hand, the romance story isn’t really something that helps the story along. It does, however, offer some funny moments that I definitely enjoyed.” Heaven of Horror

“Fairly typical Asian horror. They do love their creepy dead girls who like to crawl across floors with hair in their eyes. always royally p*ssed off and out for blood. This is no exception. But this had a totally unexpected ending which I did not see coming at all.” Mata Hari 20-1

“Unborn child, ghost crawling, body buried in unnatural location, unsettled spirit, unexpected ending twist, mysterious musical box […] young child ability to communicate with the dead and humour, all brought together […] into a reasonably good watchable movie.” Seed Writes…

“There were certain parts which managed to give me goosebumps with their atmosphere and sound effects, so it is definitely a good attempt for director Van M. Pham.” Tiffany Yong

Cast and characters:

Phuong Mai … Lan
Su Quang Su Quang … Vu
Hoang Phuc Nguyen … Xung
Chi Pu Nguyen … Ngoc
Tien Pham … Cuong
Hoai An … Thao