CHAR MAN (2018) Reviews and overview


‘They went looking for a legend… and found a nightmare.’

Char Man is a 2018 American found-footage horror feature film written, produced and directed by Kurt Ela and Kipp Tribble (The Stay; Coffin and Coffin 2) who also star. The movie also features Jeff Kober, Nick Greco, Unique Dowtin and Buddy Wilds.


Two friends visit fire-ravaged Ojai, California, intent on making a fake documentary about the infamous Ojai Vampire. However, things take a bizarre and frightening turn when they learn about a different local legend: The Char Man…


“Over 45 minutes pass before something more sinister happens than a discarded doll reappearing in unexpected places or faucets turning on by themselves. A couple of kids in masks start stalking outside the trio’s rental house and, well, that basically sums up the extent of Char Man’s supposed scariness.” Culture Crypt

“This started off slow and only really picked up in the second act when it started to show some promise. Sadly it never goes anywhere. After it ends you feel like there should be another half an hour to actually tell the story of what happened. Instead, there is too much “B roll” and no actual film going on.” Lost Highway

Cast and characters:

Jeff Kober … Kent Bridewell
Kurt Ela … Cameron
Kipp Tribble … Eric
Nick Greco … Andy
Unique Dowtin
Buddy Wilds … John

Filming locations:

Los Angeles and Ojai, California

Technical credits:

85 minutes


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