Üç Harfliler: Adak – Turkey, 2019

Üç Harfliler: Adak – “Three Letters: Adak” is a 2019 Turkish supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Alper Mestçi (Beddua: The CurseSiccîn franchise and Musallat movies). The movie stars Ali Aydogan, Ramazan Demir, Begüm Koyçiç, Simge Uluer, Ceren Yilmaz, Cavit Özer and Ejder Özkarsligil.


Salih was shot with a rifle in the forest where he went hunting with his friend Metin. Salih, who had to live with bullets in his brain, needs both material and spiritual help to heal. Metin, who said that he would do all kinds of help to Salih at first, is then engaged to Salih’s girlfriend Sermin, leaving Salih desperately with his mother alone.

Arzu, the ex-fiancee of Metin, cannot make sense of what happened. While trying to figure out why Metin behaves this way, Salih and his mother, an uncanny woman, visit Türkan…


Üç Harfliler: Adak was released in Turkey on 18 January 2019.

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