Prisoners of the Ghostland – preview


Prisoners of the Ghostland is a 2020 Japanese-American supernatural action horror feature film directed by Sion Sono (Tokyo Vampire Hotel TV series; Exte: Hair Extensions; Strange Circus; Suicide Club) from a screenplay written by Aaron Hendry (actor in FollowersMichael Jackson’s Halloween; Teen Wolf TV series; Bedeviled) and Reza Sixo Safai (actor in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night). The movie stars Nicolas Cage as “Hero” and Imogen Poots.

Various websites have now reported that Sofia Boutella (The Mummy; Star Trek Beyond; Monsters: Dark Continent), Ed Skrein (Tau; In Darkness; Deadpool), Bill Moseley (3 from Hell; Crepitus; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2; et al), Young Dais and Tak Sakaguchi (Re:Born) have joined the cast.


A notorious criminal must must break an evil curse in order to rescue an abducted girl who has mysteriously disappeared.

In December 2018, Nicolas Cage told a masterclass on acting at the 3rd International Film Festival and Awards Macao:

“I’m thrilled about it! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It might be the wildest movie I’ve ever made, and that’s saying something. It’s out there. I wear a skintight black leather jumpsuit with grenades attached to different body parts, and if I don’t rescue the governor’s daughter from this state line where they’re all ghosts and bring her back they’re gonna blow me up. It’s just crazy. It’s way out there.”

Production Companies:

  • Black Light District
  • Eleven Arts
  • Untitled Entertainment
  • XYZ Films


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