8-Bit Invaders – video game

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8-Bit Invaders! is a science fiction RTS (real-time strategy) video game available for PS4 digitally and physically, and for Xbox One digitally.

In 8-Bit Invaders!, players must collect resources to build a strong base, and command a massive army of sci-fi units to conquer the multiverse. 8-Bit Invaders! is the third game in the 8-Bit RTS Series, created by experienced RTS developer Petroglyph.

“The Invasion Has Begun! 8-Bit Invaders! is a fast-paced, retro RTS game that’s out of this world. Control the military might of the Galactic Marine Corps or invade with the devastating power of the alien Cranoids!

No matter which side you choose, everything in 8-Bit Invaders! is easy to understand for beginners and hardcore gamers alike. Collect resources, build your base, amass your army, and ultimately crush your opponent! Conquering the Multiverse was never so easy.


  • Command one of two factions, the savage Cranioids or the Galactic Marine Corps
  • Fight alone in single player campaign or battle with a buddy in co-op missions
  • Test your skills in Online Multiplayer or against the AI in in skirmish battles
  • Mix up 8-Bit Invaders!, 8-Bit Armies and 8-Bit Hordes in cross-title multiplayer
  • Enjoy a rocking soundtrack from composer Frank Klepacki”

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