Clue: IT and Monopoly: IT board games

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USAopoly (also known asThe OP) and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have partnered to release board game versions of IT. In anticipation of Pennywise terrorising the adult members of the Losers’ Club in IT: Chapter Two – due out September 6, 2019 – special themed versions of Clue and Monopoly are being released.

In Clue: IT, a modified version of the classic mystery game, two to seven players (ages 17+) take on the roles of the kids from IT and move around the game board representing locations in and around the town of Derry, Maine, including the House on Neibolt Street, the Synagogue, and the Derry Public Library.

Players have to work out whom Pennywise will abduct, what object he will use to lure them, and where he will take them from. Just be sure to avoid those Red Balloons that will end the operation before the killer’s plan can be uncovered. Clue: IT will be released this month.

Monopoly: IT allows players (ages 17 to adult) to buy, sell, and trade properties in and around Derry, Maine, using tokens of iconic items such as an Inhaler, Paper Boat, and Bicycle. Players can draw Encounters and Phenomena cards as they build Suburban Houses and Apartment Buildings on locations like Pennywise’s Cistern and the Derry Sewers. Monopoly: IT will be released later this year.

Furthermore, USAopoly is also launching a new dice and card game named IT: Evil Below in which members of The Loser’s Club have to work together to drive Pennywise back into hibernation. More information about this game will be announced later this year.

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