COLD WIND BLOWING (2019) Preview


Cold Wind Blowing is a 2019 Canadian horror feature film written and directed by Dionne Copland (shorts: Inferno; House That Kills People; Hide). The Turner Stewart produced movie stars Larry Fessenden, Nalani Wakita, Griffin Cork and Alexander Lowe.

A weekend getaway turns to horror for a group of friends…


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Cast and characters:

  • Larry Fessenden … The Wolf
  • Nalani Wakita … Samantha Becker
  • Griffin Cork … Nick Holden
  • Alexander Lowe … Max Loomis
  • M.J. Kehler … Casey Cooper
  • Angela Way … Nomi Fox
  • Dallas Basso … Hank ‘The Tank’
  • Gwen Basso … Gwen
  • Cameron Petersen … Thomas Fox
  • Greg Tysseland … Ray