Argento – song and video by metal band Setheist

‘Argento’ is one of the tracks from the upcoming EP ‘Tre Colori’ by Polish melodic thrash metal band Setheist. The accompanying video was directed by Tomasz Jorman.

“Excitement, gasping for breath. A trickle of sweat dribbling slowly down your temple. Shifty eyes disclosing madness hidden deep inside. You don’t know what’s about to happen, how many beats of the heart you have left. The one and only thing you focus on is a glittering blade of a razor.

Elegant, black, leather gloves desperately wish to touch your body. You want to scream but you realise it’s already impossible. Suddenly you feel warmth on your throat and the touch of your fingers reveals sticky, thick liquid on it. Its colour is deep red. We are Setheist and our music will take you to the cruelly beautiful world of Italian giallo movies.”

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