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Achoura is a 2019 Moroccan-French fantasy horror feature film directed by Talal Selhami from a screenplay co-written with Jawad Lahlou and David Villemin. The movie stars Sofiia Manousha, Younes Bouab, Omar Lotfi and Iván González.


Three friends who had lost contact meet again when one of their friends, who disappeared twenty-five years ago, suddenly comes back into their lives. Together, they will have to confront the terrifying events of their youth and fight a monstrous creature born from a horrible legend…

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“That’s it’s so reminiscent of IT does it a disservice, even if the movie itself cannot be faulted for the comparison. It’s a serious, sombre meditation on the death of innocence, bleaker than what Stephen King offers and full of powerful, evocative imagery all the way to its final moments.” Bloody Disgusting

” …Achoura boasts a good deal of originality and is ultimately a fun fright flick that offers a fine share of suspense, a cool-looking demon (though the film sometimes shows its limitations regarding CGI effects), and solid performances from an ensemble cast playing characters for whom it is easy to like and get behind.” The Scariest Things

” …the creature itself is well designed and executed. Its obvious CGI was used, but it’s well done, especially for a low budget film. The unfamiliar Moroccan settings help make these scenes feel even more sinister.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Sofiia Manousha … Nadia
  • Younes Bouab … Ali
  • Omar Lotfi … Samir
  • Iván González … Stéphane
  • Moussa Maaskri … Le Gardien
  • Mohamed Choubi … Majd
  • Jade Beloued … Nadia enfant
  • Abdellah El Yousfi … Ali enfant
  • Gabriel Fracola … Stéphane enfant
  • Celine Hugo … Bashira
  • Fabien Jegoudez
  • Chemsi Lahlou … Zineb
  • Gad Lahlou

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