Hoax – USA, 2019

‘The truth… can kill

Hoax is a 2019 American horror feature film directed by Matt Allen from a screenplay co-written with Scott Park. The Rum River Production stars Adrienne Barbeau, Brian Thompson, Ben Browder and Shoshana Bush.

The movie soundtrack was scored by Alan Howarth, frequent John Carpenter collaborator and musical composer for such movies as Halloween II and sequels; Christine; They Live and The Dentist.


An investigative team travels deep into the remote Colorado wilderness after a group of young campers are viciously murdered by what may have been Bigfoot. While the highly specialised crew searches for evidence, they find themselves in a fight for survival against the legendary beast. What they encounter turns out to be more unexpected and dangerous than anything they could have ever imagined…

Hoax has been acquired by Epic Pictures‘ DREAD imprint and will be marketed at the forthcoming Cannes Film Market.

Writer/director Matt Allen comments, “Working with Patrick Ewald, Rob Galluzzo, Yulissa Morales, and everyone at Epic and Dread has been great. It was clear from the beginning that we’d found the perfect home for Hoax. The marketing ideas for the picture have been top-notch, and we’re excited to get this picture out to the horror audience this Summer.”

DREAD Director of Distribution Rob Galluzzo added: “It’s got a killer cast, a great score from Alan Howarth, and some really surprising, nasty twists and turns along the way. We’re excited to unleash Hoax this summer!”

Cast and characters:

  • Adrienne Barbeau … Wilma
  • Brian Thompson … John Singer
  • Ben Browder … Rick Paxton
  • Shoshana Bush … Bridgette Powers
  • Cheryl Texiera … Dr. Ellen Freese
  • Christopher Soren Kelly … Gage
  • Hutch Dano … Justin Johnson
  • Matt Riedy … Roger Brannan
  • Anthony Ray Parker … Jonesy
  • Max Decker … Cooper Barnes
  • Ryan Lee … Alex
  • Pat Jankiewicz … The Shape
  • Brian Landis Folkins … Danny Kent
  • Alex Graff … Sam
  • Lauren Ashlyn O’Brien … Michelle

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