Bite Me – USA, 2019

Bite Me is a 2019 American romantic comedy horror feature film directed by Meredith Edwards from a screenplay by co-producer Naomi McDougall Jones. The movie stars Christian Coulson, Naomi McDougall Jones and Annie Golden.


In New York city, Sarah (Naomi McDougall Jones) is part of a subculture of people who identify as vampires and who believe they need to drink blood to stay healthy. James (Christian Coulson) is an ex-pat IRS agent assigned to audit Sarah’s vampire church.

Romance sparks between the two while clashes between their different worlds cause hiccups. Sarah’s roommates and community are not accepting of James, while James’ conservative Christian friends aren’t too fond of the vampire cult. As the impending IRS ruling looms, the two are forced to confront their feelings; will they abide by the norms or do they have the courage to fall in love with outsiders?


The Bite Me team is on the road as “The Joyful Vampire Tour of America” which runs until August 4th with 51 screenings and events in 40 cities all over the US. A full list of dates/venues can be found here

Cast and characters:

  • Christian Coulson … James
  • Naomi McDougall Jones … Sarah
  • Annie Golden … Faith
  • Naomi Grossman … Chrissy – American Horror Story
  • Harold Surratt … Tim
  • Antino Crowley-Kamenwati … Stacz
  • Mahira Kakkar … Lily
  • Mia Romero … Regan
  • Cynthia Mace … Nan
  • Makia Martin … Stella
  • Susan Wands … Pam
  • Bob Jaffe … Steve
  • Katherine Kahrs … Lindsay Bolt
  • Cassandra Seidenfeld … Ambrosia
  • Mark A. Keeton … The Butler

Technical details:

83 minutes

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