‘Manson’s girls are here to do the devil’s business’

The Manson Family Massacre is a 2019 British horror thriller feature film written and directed by Andrew Jones (Jurassic PredatorWerewolves of the Third ReichRobert the Doll and sequels; The Amityville Asylum; et al). The Northbank Entertainment production stars Derek Nelson, Brendee Green, Lee Bane and Ciaron Davies.

Official synopsis:

‘In this unique take on the infamous Manson murders we follow two generations of chilling real life events which occur at 10050 Cielo Drive, one of America’s most notorious addresses. In 1969, we witness the violent exploits of homicidal cult The Manson Family which culminate in the brutal murder of actress Sharon Tate and several of her friends at Cielo Drive.

In 1992, rock singer Margot Lavigne moves into the house to record a new album. But life soon becomes a hellish nightmare as supernatural forces haunt Margot and her band mates with sheer, unbridled evil.

As Margot learns more about the events of 1969, and begins to understand the true nature of The Manson Family, she realizes she must find a way to lay the ghosts of the past to rest – or become another tragic footnote in the history of The House on Cielo Drive.’

Cast and characters:

  • Derek Nelson … Bobby Beausoleil
  • Brendee Green … Margot Lavigne
  • Lee Bane … Gary Hinman
  • Ciaron Davies … Charles Manson
  • Megan Lockhurst … Abigail Folger
  • Sarah John … Sharon Tate
  • Darren Swain … Bruce Davis
  • Alexei Liss … Detective O’Halloran
  • Cassandra Hodges … Annabelle
  • Lee Mark Jones … T.J
  • Melissa Hollett … Annie
  • Peter Svatik … Voytek Frykowski
  • Vicki Glover … Susan Atkins
  • Travis Booth-Millard … Scorpion
  • Matt Houlihan … Randone

Working title:

The Massacre on Cielo Drive


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