Bannister DollHouse – UK, 2019

‘Playtime is over.’

Bannister DollHouse is a 2019 British supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Mj Dixon (Cleavers: Killer Clowns; Slasher House; Hollower; Legacy of Thorn). The Mycho Entertainment Group production stars Tiana Rogers, Susan Lee Burton, Emmeline Kellie, Grant Kempster, Chloe Badham and Jake Kempster.


After the death of their eldest sister the girls of Bannister family begin to feel that something is very wrong, but how is it connected to them and how will they survive the nightmare that is the Bannister DollHouse…


” …The Bannister DollHouse has a strong enough script to stand on its own, one that might not reinvent the wheel but puts a bunch of established horror themes into a very original context. And add to that the very atmospheric directorial effort, complete with Mj Dixon’s trademark play with the colour scale, and a strong cast…” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

  • Tiana Rogers … Molly Bannister
  • Susan Lee Burton … Mary Bannister
  • Emmeline Hartley … Dotty Bannister (as Emmeline Kellie)
  • Grant Kempster … Kenneth Bannister
  • Chloe Badham … Sherry Bannister
  • Liza Keast … Martha
  • John Goodall … Officer
  • Jake Kempster … Doll Monster
  • Paul Rogers

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