Necropolis: Legion – USA, 2019 – preview

Necropolis: Legion is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Chris Alexander (Blood Dynasty; Female Werewolf; Queen of Blood; Blood for Irina) from a screenplay co-written with Brockton McKinney.

The Full Moon Features-Rabidog Films production stars Ali Chappell (The Final Ride; Psycho Biddies TV series; Underneath: An Anthology of Terror; Late Night Double Feature), Augie Duke (Blood Craft; The Black Room; Bad Kids Go to Hell) and Lynn Lowry (Pretty Fine Things; Model Hunger; Cat People; Shivers).

The movie is “a re-imagining of the 1986 Empire Pictures exploitation movie classic” Necropolis.


Satanic vampire sorceress Eva’s midnight rituals are interrupted when God-fearing local villagers burst into her lair and murder her.

A century later, motorcycle-riding writer Lisa moves into the same cabin where Eva was executed, with the intent to write a book about the supposedly haunted spot’s history. Soon, Lisa is having vivid, perverse dreams and slowly, surely, Eva begins taking over the young woman, using her body as a vessel to commit even more atrocities in the name of resurrecting an ancient monster from the underworld…

Necropolis: Legion features practical effects provided by Canadian company The Butcher Shop. Costume design is by Beatriz Arevalo. Director Chris Alexander will also provide the film’s soundtrack score.

Necropolis: Legion is the second of Full Moon’s Deadly Ten initiative that sees the studio aiming to produce ten original feature films, and live-streaming these productions free for fans at The site also features pre-production videos, FX tutorials and casting sessions for each movie that fans can access 24 hours a day.

The Deadly Ten movies currently in production and pre-production are:

Necropolis: Legion will be released on multiple platforms, including Full Moon Streaming and Amazon Prime, in November 2019.


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