Slaughterhouse Z comic book is coming soon

The Slaughterhouse comic book series is coming back for its fifth splatter-soaked instalment, and it needs your help.

The delightfully demented British indie comic Slaughterhouse Farm, described as ‘The Hills Have Eyes set in Snowdonia’, featured a group of troubled teenagers on a team-building trip, being chased by the monstrous Pigf**ker.

Now the series continues with Slaughterhouse Z, which sees hulking serial killer ‘Porker X’ carving a swathe of terror throughout the Welsh countryside, and promising as much blood and guts per frame than is (in)humanly possible – as well as a pair of new heroines, brides-to-be Roxy and Serenity, caught up in the carnage.

Produced by the UK-based small press comic production team, Hellbound Media, and the brain child of Matt Warner and his friend A. J. Ballard, Slaughterhouse Z represents their own gloriously gruesome take on the grindhouse horror aesthetic.

To get the comic into print, Hellbound Media has launched a Kickstarter campaign, where Slaughterhouse fans can support the project and get their mitts on a whole heap of merchandise including t-shirts, stickers and postcards, superb original artwork and ultra-limited edition alternative covers.

The campaign runs until the 26th June 2019, with the comic due in August this year if the target is reached. So get pledging – or you might have Porker X knocking on your door, and trust us, you really don’t want that to happen!

David Hayles, MOVIES and MANIA

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