THE MUMMY REBIRTH (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Rising up to command an army from Hell’

The Mummy Rebirth is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film produced and directed by Khu and Justin Price (The Dawnseeker; The Elf; Alien Reign of Man; The 13th Friday) from a screenplay written by the latter. The movie stars Carter (sic), David E. Cazares, Deanna Grace Congo and Brittany Goodwin.


Two treasure hunters uncover a sealed tomb and awaken a mummy that has waited years to come back and wipe humanity from the face of the Earth. It’s a race against time as they try to stop the Mummy from wreaking havoc on the modern world…


” …I can appreciate this new tactic of building an action-adventure scenario centered around an ancient force of evil. The Mummy Rebirth is full of capable gunslingers and duels to the death. These moments on screen are certainly good enough for the SyFy Network…” Horror Society

” …has much to offer in terms of monsters, shocks, chases, shoot-outs, fights and whatnot, and it does so at a pretty breathtaking pace, keeping the audience well-entertained and at the edges of their seats throughout. Enjoyable for sure.” Search My Trash

“There are gunfights, monsters, horrible CGI monsters, but monsters none the less. And Brittany Goodwin looks damn good in her Lara Croft hand me downs. The Mummy Rebirth isn’t a good movie. Given the filmmaker’s track record I really wasn’t expecting it to be. But it’s probably their least bad one so far.” Voices from the Balcony


The Mummy Rebirth is released on DVD and Digital by Uncork’d Entertainment on August 13, 2019.

Cast and characters:

Carter … Noah – Live Evil
David E. Cazares … Sager – The 13th Friday
Deanna Grace Congo … Doctor Dragich – Alien: Reign of Man
Brittany Goodwin … Daniella – Sawblade; The Curse of Lizzie Borden 2: Prom Night

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