Callback aka The Final Scream – UK, 2019

Callback – aka The Final Scream and The Deadly Callback – is a 2019 British horror feature film written and directed by Scott Jeffrey (Clown Doll; The Bad Nun; writer of The House on Elm Lake; Unhinged; Fox Trap; et al). The Proportion Productions movie stars Kate Lister, Marc Ozall, Becca Hirani, Cassandra French, Tiffany-Ellen Robinson and Denese Ricketts.


Aspiring actress, Kia Anderson (Kate Lister, Unhinged), is desperate to make it as an actress, but with a lot of recent rejection she begins to second doubt herself. That is, until she receives a callback for a horror movie.

Excited, and feeling it is her moment, Kia accepts the invitation, and upon arriving at the centre, she meets the director and his crew who are to film her audition workshop that weekend as apart of the “behind the scenes footage”.

However, soon, Kia will learn that she has already been cast, and the filmmakers aren’t recording “behind the scenes”, and she has found herself on the movie set of a snuff film where her life will literally become that of a horror film…

Cast and characters:

  • Kate Lister … Kia Anderson
  • Marc Ozall … Tim
  • Becca Hirani … Reese
  • Cassandra French … Ruth
  • Tiffany-Ellen Robinson … Harley
  • Denese Ricketts … Beverly
  • Claire-Maria Fox … Jade
  • Sian Crisp … Janice
  • Louisa Warren … Sue
  • Keely Cat Wells … Auditionee
  • Tommy Vilés … Mark
  • Johanna Thea … Skye
  • Eirini Mo … Auditionee
  • Kate Lush … Auditionee
  • Leila Kotori … Auditionee

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