Torment – Italy, 2017 – reviews

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Torment is a 2017 Italian horror feature film directed by Adam Ford (Just a Child) from a screenplay written by Likov Mitoloskih. Produced by Domiziano Cristopharo (Red KrokodilHouse of Flesh Mannequins; Bloody Sin), the Enchanted Architect movie stars Matteo De Liberato, Marco Pielich and Rikky Fiore.


Inspired by notorious serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, Torment wastes no time in encompassing the grimness of a one-night stand turned one-night nightmare, in this wildly cruel tale of utter brutality.

With almost zero dialogue, this extreme cinematic piece of dehumanization involves every bodily fluid, consistent grunts, screams and cries.

The story unfolds with a very thin, naked man waking up next to a burly, snoring guy before going on a quiet house hunt to uncover some further detail of his last night’s romp. Pocketing some cash and drugs, the would-be victim follows the distant groans of what appears to be a bloodied and severely beaten man locked up for further carnal violence. And thus a relentless hour of pure agony begins at the hands of the overweight, demented clown (the known Gacy characteristic.)

Treated to ongoing ‘assault’, the Clown ruthlessly subjects his newest victim to increasingly harsh and very graphic ‘back door’ viciousness… all for his demented pleasure. However, as the vile acts continue, the Clown suddenly bursts into emotional weepiness as we are left wondering who is the tormented – the poor victim, or the tormentor himself?

Torment is a disturbing film of sheer nastiness. Throughout the drug-induced maliciousness, the visceral hallucinations bring brief relief of comfort before tossing the broken man back into the reality of being a human pin cushion with no happy ending in sight.

Although there is no clear cut understanding of any motive, this is the way of most infamous serial killers. The backstory is not necessary, nor is any conversation which makes this a brilliantly created vision of the most abhorrent depravity.

Meredith Brown, MOVIES & MANIA

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“The murder-set-pieces herein make the environment that the film exists in entirely terrifying. The victim’s being average, scruffy, everyday males that are stripped naked and afraid, as the camera voyeuristically captures everything, takes the griminess to another level entirely.” Severed Cinema


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