INFECTION (2019) Reviews and overview


Infection aka Infección is a 2019 VenezuelanMexican horror feature film about a virus that turns victims into rabid flesh-eaters.

The movie was directed by Flavio Pedota from a screenplay co-written with Yeimar Cabral. The Luz Creativa-Desenlace Films production stars Rubén Guevara, Leonidas Urbina, Magdiel González and Genna Chanelle Hayes.


In Caracas, a Russian under the influence of the Krokodil drug is infected with a rabies virus and unleashes an epidemic of flesh-eaters. Amid all this, a doctor embarks on a hostile journey in a destroyed Venezuela to save his son from infection…


“The film’s final scenes, showing an exodus of Venezuelans in search of a better life across the border, intercuts fake vox pops about the stigma of Venezuela’s disease with real footage of migrants marching en masse. This further serves to break down any distinction between art and life. For in this feature film infected with reality, the ravages of ideology are the true plague.” Projected Figures

“This is a very comfortable zombie movie. It may not push any envelopes or blaze any new trails, but it’s decent and entertaining. Add in the well-shot scenes of modern-day Venezuela and you’ve got a zombie-filled historical record showing how the current unrest has affected the cities of that nation.” The Scariest Things


Infection has been shown at various festivals worldwide such as the Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Florida. A North American release by Dark Sky Films is planned.

Cast and characters:

  • Rubén Guevara … Adam Vargas
  • Leonidas Urbina … Johnny
  • Magdiel González … Luis
  • Genna Chanelle Hayes … Lucy Blake
  • Isabel Bertelsen … Ana
  • Yon Henao Calderón … Junkie
  • Luca de Lima … Miguel
  • Anibal Grunn … Angel
  • Johanna Juliethe … Blanca
  • Markian Kazandjian … Dimitri
  • Ronnie Nordenflycht … Carlos Nieves
  • Patricia Pacheco … Lider anárquica
  • Joel Rivero
  • Francis Rueda … Tina

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