Witches in the Woods – Canada, 2019 – reviews

Witches in the Woods is a 2019 Canadian supernatural horror feature film about a snowboarding trip into the mountains that turns into a nightmare and a literal witch hunt.

The movie was directed by Jordan Barker (Torment) from a screenplay written by Christopher Borrelli (Eloise; The Vatican Tapes; Whisper). The Gearshift Films production stars Hannah Kasulka, Alexander De Jordy, Corbin Bleu, Humberly González and Craig Arnold.


Jill (Hannah Kasulka), a tenacious UMass student, abandons her studies for an off-the-grid snowboarding trip in Stoughton Valley, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, after the sun has dipped below the horizon, the group’s SUV becomes mysteriously lost in the freshly-logged mountains, eventually running out of gas.

As temperatures fall, the group dynamic unravels as a virtual and then a literal witch hunt begins…


“There are some tense moments but with a plot that barely goes anywhere and a story that never amounts to anything, it’s just a bit of a dull way to spend 90 minutes. It’s a shame because it squanders a talented young cast and the poor characterisation ensures you don’t care about anyone.” Pip Ellwood-Hughes, Entertainment Focus

Witches in the Woods has great fun toying with what you may be expecting from a horror film of its kind. While it could benefit from a little more patience, it still proves to be an effective slasher mystery. A smartly written thriller with a few more surprises in its boot than initially meets the eye.” Andrew Gaudion, The Hollywood News 

“This yokes America’s primal shame of the witch hunt with the more recent phenomenon of campus sexual harassment, seesawing a little too often towards victim-blaming … but with undeniable, uncomfortable power. There have been many teens-blunder-to-their-own-deaths horror shaggy dog stories, and this resorts to quite a few cliches of the form…” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Take your pick of explanations, human, natural or supernatural, Witches in the Woods has them all. The final revelation of which it is may get some polarized responses. I can easily see where some people will not be happy with it. I found it effective enough but would have preferred Witches in the Woods to end on a different note.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Beyond [recommended site]

Cast and characters:

  • Hannah Kasulka … Jill
  • Alexander De Jordy … Matty
  • Corbin Bleu … Philip
  • Humberly González … Bree
  • Craig Arnold … Derek
  • Kyle Mac … Tod
  • Sasha Clements … Alison
  • Ian Matthews … John
  • James Gilbert … Trooper
  • David Lafontaine … State Trooper Captain

Filming locations:

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Other titles:

The film was previously known as Stranded

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  1. If there was nothing wrong with Allison at the end, why the heck was she holding a screwdriver and standing between Jill and the hunter’s vehicle?

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