IMPOSSIBLE CRIMES (2019) Reviews and overview


Impossible Crimes is a 2019 Argentinian horror feature film about a heartbroken detective who must face his personal demons when confronted by a devilish young killer nun.

Directed by Hernán Findling from a screenplay written by Nora Leticia Sarti, Crímenes Imposibles is a Wit Films production that stars Federico Bal, Guido D’Albo, Sofía Del Tuffo, Daniel Alvaredo, Gustavo Pardi, Carla Quevedo and Marcelo Sein.


Experienced detective Lorenzo Brandoni (Federico Bal) is devastated after two personal catastrophes: his sister dies of cancer and his wife and son are killed in a car crash he’s mainly responsible for.

Throwing himself into his work to ease the pain, he starts investigating a series of seemingly impossible crimes that young nun Caterina (Sofía Del Tuffo) claims responsibility for.

Is she really the devil’s emissary ordered to carry out seemingly senseless slaughter? Or does she suffer from a mystical delirium?

As she leads Brandoni further into his own tortured darkness to finally face his personal demons, the incredible truth will prove a shattering revelation…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“What starts as a regular crime investigation with a possible demon culprit turns into an exploration of the fractured psyche of a soul in torment. It’s well-acted, if visually on the sombre side. Unusually for a contemporary horror film, the Catholic Church comes off pretty well.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …if you like a Lynchian fugue, or a nightmare in a damaged brain, and are curious to see how these tropes might play out amid the setting and culture of a religious Buenos Aires barreling along the bumpy road towards secularism, then Impossible Crimes lays out this contradictory conundrum, and provides something of a satisfying (re)solution.” Anton Bitel, Projected Figures

Technical details:

91 minutes