Mondoids – horror and pop culture themed toys

Mondoids are a range of horror-themed toys available via Mondo.

“They’ve come from the planet Mondoida to make friends and eat snacks. Too bad their true form is too gross to look at! That’s why they’ve taken the forms of humankind’s favourite pop culture icons. They just don’t, uh, always get it right. They’re Mondoids!

Designed by Scarecrow Oven, “Mondoids are vinyl/PVC figures that feature interchangeable heads that you can mix and match with most other Mondoids!”

  • Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees ($20)
  • Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees ($22; variant)
  • Gremlins – Stripe ($20)
  • Fallout – Vault Boy ($20)
  • Jurassic Park – Raptor ($20)
  • Jurassic Park – T-Rex ($25; mega-sized)
  • Marvel – Green Goblin ($20)
  • Marvel – Venom ($20)

Mondoids measure between 2.5″ and 3″ high, with the exception of the mega-sized T-Rex, which is 3.5″ tall and has a larger base.

Scheduled to ship in November, they can be ordered direct from Mondo where you can also check out over twenty close-up images of each Mondoid.

Source: Broke Horror Fan

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