Doom: Annihilation – USA, 2019 – reviews

Doom: Annihilation is a 2019 American science fiction action horror feature film written and directed by Tony Giglio (Timber Falls; storyline for Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word; Death Race 2 screenplay). The Universal 1440 Entertainment production stars Amy Manson, Dominic Mafham, Luke Allen-Gale and Nina Bergman.

The movie, which seems to be an in-name-only sequel to Doom (2005), was produced by Jeffery Beach, Phillip Roth (Death Race: Beyond Anarchy) and Ogden Gavanski (Cult of Chucky). Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Transformers) and John Wells are executive producers.


A group of space marines as they respond to a distress call from a base on a Martian moon, only to discover it has been overrun by demonic creatures who threaten to create Hell on Earth…

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” …although the film is mostly dull, boring, and by-the-numbers, it’s not altogether a waste of time. It’s a decent enough adaptation of the first game, albeit with plenty of quirks inherent in the adaptation process, there are some neat nods to the games sprinkled throughout, and the action […] can be sufficient to sate you if you need a quick fix.” Allusions of Grandeur

“It’s fast, bloody as hell, and keeps the action coming nearly non-stop. It’s better than the 2005 version – if only a little – but that little bit makes the whole bloody affair at least watchable. So if you were excited by the prospect of another hard-R adaptation of the ever-popular Doom franchise, this is the movie I think you were hoping to see.” Arrow in the Head

Doom: Annihilation isn’t especially ambitious. All it really had to do was be better than the Doom movie from 2005, and it is. It’s a lot better. It makes sense, it doesn’t step on the elements of the video game franchise that work, and it’s edited and shot in such a way that you can actually tell what’s going on most of the time.” Bloody Disgusting

“A slow start is not remedied by fast action to finish, and the go-nowhere story, which has no real direction despite a few salient but ultimately futile stabs at metaphysical, religious, and dramatic relevance, are only interferences to the action, which is not particularly good, anyway. Expect the worst and get something that is maybe a step above bottom scraping dreck, but not by much.”

“The movie may not emulate Doom’s mood in many areas, but it does include key cards, a chainsaw, exploding barrels, even an amusing little wink at “Wolfenstein” hero B.J. Blazkowicz. I definitely don’t recommend Doom: Annihilation. But I can’t in good conscience rate it too negatively…” Culture Crypt

“For the faults of the original film, there was no shortage of uniquely hellish demons. The characters were at least distinguishable despite having testosterone dripping from their ears. Doom: Annihilation’s failure to do anything remarkable with this beloved franchise is its greatest sin.” Cultured Vultures

“The action’s slick, and the creature effects look impressive, but the real standout is Manson, whose character undergoes a spiritual journey that elevates the film a notch above the level of Syfy-channel fare. Bethesda was wrong to disown this; it may be the best Doom movie we ever get.” Forbes

Doom: Annihilation is an alright watch, it’s not for fans of the games but does deliver quality action with decent performances. This was honestly better than I thought it would be, despite this very clearly being something to just keep the rights.” Gamer Headquarters

“Where this film succeeds over the original Doom movie is that Giglio brings the horror elements of the video game franchise into his film, blending the sci-fi story with the tropes of the haunted house, by way of both zombie and monster movie. And unlike the first Doom film, his heroes are flawed and therefore the horror comes through them, the audience fears for them as much as they fear for their own lives.” Nerdly

“With only a taste of the demonic energy that could feed this franchise, Doom: Annihilation is a solid B-movie that rips and tears its way to the finish line while remaining a faithful adaptation to the popular shooter franchise.” Sordid Cinema

“Most of Giglio’s credits have been action films and it shows. Doom: Annihilation is rarely scary. Even when the final act goes off into Event Horizon territory it’s more about the BFG 9000 than making you jump. What should have been an exciting action/horror film is reduced to a mechanical piece of straight to video filler. It’s all competently done, but very sterile.” Voices from the Balcony


Doom: Annihilation will be released on October 1st, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Amy Manson … Joan Dark
  • Hari Dhillon … Doctor Ahmed Kahn
  • Louis Mandylor … Chaplain
  • Nina Bergman … Carley – The Car: Road to Revenge
  • Luke Allen-Gale … Doctor Bennett Stone
  • Dominic Mafham … Doctor Betruger
  • Lorina Kamburova … Sandy Peterson
  • Amer Chadha-Patel … Rance
  • Jemma Moore … Li
  • James Weber Brown … Captain Hector Savage
  • Arkie Reece … Tarek
  • Chidi Ajufo … Akua
  • Gavin Brocker … Harry
  • Nathan Cooper … Ezekiel
  • Katrina Nare … Veronica

Filming locations:

Sofia, Bulgaria

Technical details:

95 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78: 1

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  1. Yea so none of the reviews expect like one or two are anywhere close to what I expected. This was by far the WORST adaptation I could have expected. DOOM 2005 was better then this. Poor graphics, the BFG was depressing, hardly any demons in it, imps are the weakest in the games besides zombies anyway, cgi looked like it came from Adobe 2009, a female main character???? Really??? The whole game series SCREAMS toxic masculinity. That’s the point. It’s almost as bad as duke nukem but that’s the point. A man who’s soul mission is to rip and tear, pun intended, through every demon in sight by any means necessary. As bloody and violently as possible. Characters were as bland as wet cardboard, the science was off too. facepalm fusion reactors don’t blow up ffs. Hardly any of the actual games weapons, graphics looked like a sci-fi channel movie from the early 2000s, the zombie designs were unoriginal and not unique at all. All around this movie pretty much was a waste of time and money. I would rather watch the 2005 version. I mean at least they got the BFG right. THE MOST ICONIC WEAPON OF THE GAME!!

  2. My God, this movie looks like a combo of Judge Dredd and Aliens! Unremarkable, unoriginal, and unfortunate.

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