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Bullets of Justice is a 2019 Russian-Argentinian action science-fiction horror feature film set in a post-apocalypse world ruled by ruthless pig-human hybrids.

Directed by Valeri Milev (Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) from a screenplay co-written with Timur Turisbekov, the Black Mandala production stars Danny Trejo, (Death Race: Beyond Anarchy; Cartel 2045; Dead in Tombstone and sequel) Dessy Slavova, Yana Marinova, Doroteya Toleva, Timur Turisbekov and Ester Chardaklieva.


During the Third World War, the American government initiates a secret project code-named “Army Bacon” in order to create a super-soldier by breeding human beings with pigs.

Twenty-five years later, a breed called “Muzzles” occupy the top of the food chain, eating and farming humans like animals. Rob Justice is an ex-bounty hunter working for the last line of human resistance – a group of survivors hiding in a nuclear bunker deep underground. His mission is to find out how muzzles came to power and destroy them…

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Bullets of Justice is enjoyable even if it isn’t particularly cohesive. The storyline gets completely buried in the craziness and the film does its best to shock you […] The action is impressive and I certainly laughed plenty throughout the film but is it a great film? Not really but there are worse ways to pass 76 minutes.” Entertainment Focus

” …for 50% of it, Bullets of Justice is one of the most impressive gonzo action movies you’ll see today. There’s very little of worth past the first half (certainly not its middle finger of an ending) but its action sequences are so good that it’s worth powering through everything else just for that. If you can stomach it, that is.” Horror DNA

” …apparently intended as the pilot of a TV series (!), it has a certain pastiche comedy edge, but lacks the sweetness of Six-String Samurai or Turbo Kid (both of which it echoes slightly) as it tries to be a porcine spin on the well-remembered Frogtown pictures […] It’s still a pretty thin pitch for cultdom.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …there’s somewhat of a language barrier and then it seems like there were a lot more ideas and plot threads that the budget would allow and it takes some filling in of the gaps to make sense of this story – which means ultimately each audience member is bound to create their own tale and their own spin on what they’ve seen.” Nerdly

” …guarantees Lynchian laughs aplenty for the keyed-in viewer ready to go along on this rough ride. There is nothing else out there that is quite as, well, out there as this rambunctiously paced and crazily stylised midnight movie – and its final sequence pulls the rug from under so much balls-to-the-wall genre posturing.” Projected Figures


Bullets of Justice made its world premiere at the 2019 Arrow Video FrightFest in London on 23 August.

The Horror Collective is releasing Bullets of Justice in the USA out on VOD on October 15th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Danny Trejo … Grave-digger
Dessy Slavova … Lena
Yana Marinova … Nina
Doroteya Toleva … Raksha
Timur Turisbekov … Rob Justice
Ester Chardaklieva … Olga
Semir Alkadi
Gergana Arolska
Dessy Slavova
Georgi Stanislav
Dumisani Karamanski
Svetlio Chernev
Daniel Zlatkov
Vei Fan Li
Dara Kandi
Dinko Angelov
Alexander Ralfietta


Timur Turisbekov
Janco Bogdanov
Valeri Milev
Michael Kraetzer
Nicolás OnettiAbrakadabra; What the Waters Left Behind; Francesca; Sonno Profondo

Luciano Onetti (associate producer)

Filming locations:


Technical details:


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