BAD GUYS: THE MOVIE (2019) Preview

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Bad Guys: The Movie is a 2019 South Korean action crime feature film about a special criminal investigation division that teams up with actual criminals to work outside the limits of the law.

Directed by Son Yong-ho from a screenplay by Jung-hoon Han, the movie – original title 나쁜 녀석들: 더 무비 – stars Kim Sang Joong, Ma Dong Seok, Ah-jung Kim, Jang Ki-Yong and Ye-won Kang.

Bad Guys: The Movie, a spin-off of the popular OCN action drama, and tells the story of Detective Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong) and Park WoongCheol (Ma Dong Seok) and the rest of the Crime Investigation Unit’s attempt to rid the city of criminals by teaming up with actual villains to fight operate outside the limits of the law. The original drama first aired in 2014, followed by the second season in 2017.

Director Son Yong Ho commented, “I’m honoured to be directing the film version of the drama Bad Guys, which has a strong fan base. Aside from [the drama’s] original stars Ma Dong Seok and Kim Sang Joong, I’m delighted to be able to work together with Kim Ah Joong, who is able to pull off any role and always manages to show new charms, and Jang Ki Yong, a rising star with powerful charisma.”

He continued, “I’m looking forward to the combination of new cast members and original cast members, as well as the chemistry between the male and female actors. I think we’ll be creating a Bad Guys that has a new and entirely different form from the TV drama, so I’m excited.”


Bad Guys: The Movie will be released in South Korea on September 11, 2019.

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