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Fear No Evil is a 1981 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Frank LaLoggia (Lady in White) and starring Stefan Arngrim, Elizabeth Hoffman and Kathleen Rowe McAllen.

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Andrew Williams is a shy, awkward high school student with a straight ‘A’ average and a horrifying secret: He was born the Antichrist, the profane incarnation of Lucifer himself.

While senior year can be Hell for some teenagers, Andrew unleashes the real thing bringing demonic carnage and the horrors of Satan to gym class and beyond. Now that the legions of the undead have risen, some very unexpected archangels are gathered and on the eve of the Second Coming the final horrific battle for the unholy soul of mankind is about to begin…

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Fear No Evil was twenty-six-year-old writer/director/co-producer/composer LaLoggia’s debut, and had a budget of $840,000. The films origin came about when producer Charles M. LaLoggia discovered the filming location of the Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, New York. LaLoggia thought it was an ideal place to set a horror film and approached his cousin director Frank LaLoggia to write a film around the location.


The film features a punk rock/new wave soundtrack with songs by Patti Smith, The Rezillos, Talking Heads, Ramones, Boomtown Rats, The B-52’s, Richard Hell and the Sex Pistols.

Avco Embassy Pictures apparently picked up the film for US release solely based on the fact that zombies were featured.

Latest release:

Scream Factory is releasing Fear No Evil on Blu-ray on September 24, 2019, with the following special features:

  • New interview with actor Stefan Arngrim
  • New interview with special effects artist John Eggett
  • Audio Commentary with writer/director Frank LaLoggia and cinematographer Frederic Goodich
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Still Gallery

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Overall, the film is a little too uneven to really recommend, but it has a few sequences which genuinely work up some grotesque dread and even more that are memorably crazy if not entirely successful. Like its central antagonist, it can be hard to tell what it’s really trying to do, and even when it seems to know it’s not always great at pulling it off.” We are Cursed to Live in Interesting Times


“For all its impressive goals, the movie does seem amateurish in spots near the end, despite a game cast and some inventive staging. The climax seems hokey. The son of the Devil looks too glam rock to be truly scary—but who said the Dark Prince ever had any fashion sense?” DVD Verdict


“Fear No Evil is the rare 80s horror movie that actually has a story. In fact, it has so much story that I found myself scratching my head at many points and yawning at others. I hate to say this is a bad thing — based on the number of mindless horror movies I’ve seen — but the pacing is so weak, by the time the zombies showed up I almost didn’t care.” Exploitation Retrospect

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“This film is sometimes really fun, but drags in other spots, and the old-school visual effects were a retro treat. I can’t say that Fear No Evil scared me one lick but it’s an interesting time warp of a flick.” Michele Galgana, Screen Anarchy


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Reviews [click links to read more]:

Cast and characters:

  • Stefan Arngrim … Andrew Williams
  • Elizabeth Hoffman … Mikhail / Margaret Buchanan
  • Kathleen Rowe McAllen … Gabrielle / Julie
  • Frank Birney … Father Daly
  • Daniel Eden … Tony
  • John Holland … Rafael / Father Damon
  • Barry Cooper … Mr Williams
  • Alice Sachs … Mrs Williams
  • Paul Haber … Mark
  • Roslyn Gugino … Marie
  • Richard Jay Silverthorn … Lucifer
  • Marianne Simpson … Brenda (as Mari Anne Simpson)
  • Joyce Bumpus … Susan
  • Patricia Decillis … Bette
  • Chris DeVincentis … Richard

Filming locations:

  • Boldt Castle, Alexandria Bay, New York
  • Rochester, New York
  • Webster, New York (school)

Technical details:

  • 99 minutes
  • Audio: mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1


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