One Night in October – USA, 2017

One Night in October is a 2017 American horror anthology feature film about three stories that interweave as different groups face unimaginable horror on Halloween.

Written and directed by Christopher M. Carter (Overwatch; Road Trip), the movie stars Jessica Morgan, Casey Norman, Rachel Netherton and Kaitlan Renee.


One Night in October screened at the Tucson Terror Fest on 7 October 2017.

Cast and characters:

  • Jessica Morgan … Michelle
  • Casey Norman … Kate
  • Rachel Netherton … Emma
  • Kaitlan Renee … Charlie
  • Nathan O. Miller … Dominic
  • Dustin Rieffer … Hewitt
  • Aeric Azana … Jason
  • Taylor Plecity … Freddie
  • Andrew Kincaid … Marcos
  • Sara Jackson … Britnee
  • Erin Colleen Marshall … Witch
  • Bo Phillips … David
  • Brianna Roberts … Maggie
  • Bret Linden … Scarecrow
  • Jeremy Herrera … Stalker

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