‘Terror is at the door’

Beneath the Old Dark House is a 2019 American horror anthology feature film that presents three different tales of terror.

Written, directed and produced by Matt Cloude (Night of the Living Dead: Genesis; The Curse of Krampus; co-writer of Bloody Ballet). The V2 Pictures production stars Brinke Stevens (Axeman; Teenage Exorcist; et al), Christy Johnson (Mortuary; The Orbs) and Kaylee Williams (Mrs. Claus, Model Hunger).


A mysterious being, known only as Coffintooth, welcomes you to his creepy domain, deep in the catacombs of his abode – It is in this lair that you must bear witness to three chilling tales of carnage, terror and horror…

The Bride: A psychotic man kills young women. Will he be able to find the perfect woman to piece together into his perfect bride, or will his desire for love and blood go unrelinquished?

The Doll: A young woman inherits her grandmother’s house, only to discover a mysterious doll that holds a horrifying family secret.

The Witch: A mysterious man goes to visit an author who may be harbouring something evil.