Derelicts – 2017 – reviews

‘Bless us these gifts we are about to receive…’

Derelicts is a 2017 American home invasion horror feature film about a strained suburban family’s Thanksgiving being disrupted by a gang of vicious vagrants.

Directed by Brett Glassberg (ABCs of Death 2.5 segment ‘M is for Mind Meld’)  from a screenplay co-written with Andre Evrenos and Clay Shirley, the Batchain Productions movie stars Dalton Allen, Emily Ammon, Les Best, Kelly Dealyn, Lana Dieterich and Andre Evrenos.

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Derelicts is not for the casual viewer, and even for those that enjoy a good home invasion flick, this one is a stretch. It’s decently entertaining and has a definitive mean streak running the length of the film. Clocking in at a lean 70 minutes, the film still felt a little long for this writer, and I had hoped for a little more substance in a sub-genre that seldom provides much to begin with.” Andy Breslow, Fear Forever

“It’s dark, extremely sleazy, bloody, and it will make most folks cringe in certain moments. It’s relatively well made and it’s clearly exactly what the filmmaker set out to make. TCM meets Mother’s Day meets John Waters… or something like that. Lots in common with the early Rob Zombie films.” Justin Harlan, Letterboxd

“This sleazy home invasion has all the latter-day Hooper and Waters you could want, but its strive for a social commentary fall both heavy-handed and on deaf ears. But there are definite sparks of greatness in here, that make the director one to firmly watch.” Mitch Harrod, Letterboxd

Derelicts isn’t a success because of its fun and gory kills alone. It doesn’t rely on a mask. Characters are built well and a simple horror story is told. It doesn’t need background or emphatic character arches because it does what you see impressively well and leaves the rest to the audiences prolific imagination.” Without Your Head

Cast and characters:

  • Dalton Allen … Leslie
  • Emily Ammon … Barbara
  • Les Best … Cap
  • Kelly Dealyn … Constance
  • Lana Dieterich … Bev
  • Andre Evrenos … Turk
  • David Lee Hess … Gregg
  • Kara Mellyn … Bo
  • Marcela Pineda … Morgan
  • Sam Pleasant … Black Forrest
  • Clay Shirley … Sal
  • Pat Turner … Paul

Filming locations:

Austin, Texas

Technical details:

70 minutes

Image credits: Fear Forever

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