Pool Party Massacre 2 – USA, forthcoming

Pool Party Massacre 2 is a forthcoming slasher horror feature film written and directed by Drew Marvick. It’s obviously a sequel to  Pool Party Massacre (2017) and there’s an Indiegogo campaign to make it. Drew Marvick says:

“Based on the fact that people actually liked that movie, like for real, I have decided to make a sequel. But not just any sequel, we are going to make a sequel that is twice as good as the first movie. And we are gonna do that by making it twice as bloody, give it twice as many kills, twice as much nudity, basically twice the amount of everything you want. (and half the dialogue) This formula was proven several times over by 80s horror franchises, and we found the recipe.

In order to make the movie twice as good, and have twice as much of all the important things. We are gonna need twice the budget of the first movie. But don’t worry, we made that whole movie for just $6,000. (That’s like the price of a fancy toilette) So in order to make this awesome sequel we only need you to help us get $12,000. (or two fancy toilettes worth) That’s it! And don’t think we aren’t gonna give you something in return for your help. We have tons of awesome perks!

Pool Party Massacre was a DIY, no-budget indie horror film made by an indie horror fan out of pure love for the genre. It’s true. We didn’t worry about what was hot in theaters, what the kids were watching, or who was big overseas. We just made the movie that we wanted to see. And luckily, there are a lot of other horror fans just like us that ended up really digging what we made. And we want to do that again.”


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