NO SUCH THING AS MONSTERS (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Your parents lied’

No Such Thing as Monsters is a 2019 Australian horror feature film about a young couple on a romantic weekend in the Australian bush being terrorised by a psychopathic family.

Directed by Stuart Stanton (Flesh) from a screenplay co-written with Karen Elgar, the Final Focus Australia production stars Angel Giuffria, Matthew Clarke, David Macrae and Michaela Celeste.


No Such Thing as Monsters is very weird, packed with terrible people, and has the heroine act in questionable ways from time to time, but it remains interesting and emotionally engaging every step of the way through its 90 minute running time.” Arrow in the Head

“Angel Giuffria in the leading role does a strong job showing us the hopelessness of the situation she finds herself in, while Rebecca Fortuna and Michaela Pascoe show us the crazy side of the siblings […] While this story is pretty much a by the book idea of a couple being taken, it is the length of the ordeal which will make it stand out, we see the days, weeks and months pass by, as they suffer, instead of the quick general escape concept we are used to seeing.” Movie Reviews 101

“The plot is a bit shallow at times, yes, there are a couple of frustratingly missed chances with a couple of smaller characters, sure, and the dialogue had its moments of being a touch on the “iffy” side, but overall I had a good time with No Such Thing As Monsters. It’s unapologetic and well-made, with a cast that do a commendable job throughout.” Nerdly

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No Such Thing as Monsters was released in the USA on DVD and On-Demand by Uncork’d Entertainment on October 27th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Angel Giuffria … Mary
Matthew Clarke … David
David Macrae … Grandpa
Michaela Celeste … Nelly
Rebecca Fortuna … Becca
Georgia Crisfield Smith … Amy
Rochelle Pranadi … The Hiker
Jacob Fyfe … Elmer

Filming locations:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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