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Boar is a 2018 Australian horror feature film written, co-produced and directed by Chris Sun (The Possessed; Charlie’s Farm).

The Ozpix movie stars John Jarratt, Simone Buchanan, Melissa Tkautz and Bill Moseley.


In the harsh, yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with raw, animalistic savagery unlike any have seen before.

Believed to be nothing more than a myth, a legend brought to life by a drunken local, the beast ventures closer to civilisation, closer to life, and ultimately, closer to death. It’s brutal, it’s bloodthirsty, it’s boar…


Suffused with retro Ocker clichés and Carry On-style innuendo, Boar is not exactly a calling card for Aussie culture. Although vague social satire is obviously the intention, subtlety is absent entirely. And whatever appeal may have been initially engendered by its supposedly down-to-earth characters soon dissipates. Hilariously,  everyone is a “Shiela” or a “dingo” in this movie.

The remainder of the movie is a Razorback rehash with attack scenes that are generally too darkly lit to have any impact (even the movie’s posters are too dark!), plus brash bar banter and brawls. Away from the “pub”, hero Bernie (Nathan Jones) is presented as a loveable macho guy with a soft heart. Unfortunately, his miming to ‘Ice Ice Bay’ is perhaps Boar‘s low point. And what’s bemused Bill Moseley – a token Yankee, yet still named Bruce – doing here? Nothing much except to bolster the movie’s appeal stateside.

The plot races ahead like the wild pigs that are barely on show, as if the audience knows what’s coming (clearly they do), and thus no build-up, no tension. There isn’t anything particularly original in Boar and with characters, that we can’t empathise with, there is nothing to draw viewers in. There are many Australian genre movies worth watching, Boar isn’t one of them.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

” …a fun, atmospheric and highly entertaining creature-feature which proudly boasts endearing Aussie mannerisms while offering a brand of horror, which will appeal to audiences all over the world. It also serves as Chris Sun’s most accomplished film to date.” Fake Shemp

“The creature looks great, all gnashing tusks and rolling eyeballs. People you don’t expect to bite it die in ways you could not have predicted–and then there’s that scene where Bernie unsheathes his massive, professional-wrestler arms and punches the crap out of the monster. Boar is broad, silly, gleefully disgusting stuff that takes real pleasure in its excesses.” Film Freak Central

“The creature effects too are, on the whole, well-executed. The deaths are as silly as you would want from this type of film, and the boar manages to dispatch victims in a variety of devilish ways. Boar has a disjointed story and is slightly miscast; these decisions let down what is otherwise a camp, kitsch creature feature gloriously drenched in blood.” The Hollywood News

“Aside from giving its monster an oddly vampiric quality, the focus on night scenes, I expect was done for effects reasons, means there’s a lull during the second half. It also has a slight unfinished feel about it, with many deaths occurring off-screen, presumably likewise due to financial constraints. To be blunt, with a bigger budget, this could have been a better film, boasting more over the top gore and smarter kills.” Horror Cult Films

“There’s no particular origin for the monster – who is mostly a big, not-terribly mobile practical effect – and it isn’t invested with the mystic, semi-supernatural air of classic Aussie beasts in Long Weekend or Rogue … but Sun doesn’t skimp on the splat, ruthlessly killing off much of the cast with tusk impalements and spilled innards.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“When the porcine menace is offscreen however, Boar is a bit of a (sorry!) bore. Sun fails to create any notable characters, with most of the cast essaying one-note stereotypes – the plucky heroine, the grieving mother, the coward, the horny girl etc. Only Jarratt and humongous bodybuilder Nathan Jones manage to stand out, the former with his movie star charm, the latter with his sheer physical size.” The Movie Waffler

Boar is great fun, but it’s not flawless by any means. I thought the acting and dialogue were sound overall, but some of the writing was not well thought through […] There are a few other little niggles too, but don’t let them stop you: Boar is an entertaining man-against-beast creature feature. It has no supernatural nonsense, a good cast and fabulous scenery.” Ready Steady Cut



Main cast and characters:
John Jarratt … Ken – StalkHer; Wolf Creek and sequels; Needle
Simone Buchanan … Debbie – Patrick: Evil Awakens
Melissa Tkautzb… Sasha
Bill Moseley … Bruce – The Mangled; Crepitus; Death House; The Devil’s Rejects; et al
Nathan Jones … Bernie – Mad Max: Fury Road
Hugh Sheridan … Robert
Roger Ward … Blue – Mad Max
Steve Bisley … Bob – Mad Max
Ernie Dingo … Ernie
Chris Haywood … Jack
Christie-Lee Britten … Ella
Chris Bridgewater … Ryan
Madeleine Kennedy … Hanna
Ricci Guarnaccio … Oscar
Trudi Ross … Wendy

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