SILHOUETTE aka TEXAS HAUNTED HOUSE (2019) Reviews and free to watch online


‘This will hurt’

Silhouette aka Texas Haunted House is a 2019 American horror film about a couple trying to deal with the death of their young daughter.

Written and directed by Mitch McLeod, the movie stars April Hartman (Fat Ass Zombies; Suburban Coven; Ghost Note), Tom Zembrod (Body Harvest; The Harrowing; Knucklebones; et al), Savannah Solsbery and Kim Foster.


After the death of their young daughter, Jack and Amanda Harms set out into seclusion to begin their lives anew. Quickly upon their arrival, things go awry when the sins of their past come back to haunt them…

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Silhouette is a frenetic ride towards the madness of a couple after losing a son […] The story is developed slowly but steady and when you are ready for it to get terrifying, it delivers. The ending is surprising and makes great justice to an interesting and well-developed story.” 10th Circle

“Some great production work and some excellent casting. I ‘know’ that if the movie had only been 90 minutes or a hair under, I wouldn’t have had that problem. Silhouette was still a good movie with enough to keep genre lovers hooked.” 22 Indie Street

“Packing so many surprises under the hood, it’s no wonder that Silhouette makes an impression. Building off the primal, McLeod bends reality around this grieving couple until the audience isn’t sure what’s real or what’s imagined. Truly, once Silhouette gets its hooks on you, it won’t let go.” Elements of Madness

Silhouette is an intriguing and engaging slow-burn horror film. If you’re after cheap shocks or gore, then this isn’t the film for you but if you’re after an in-depth look at the breakdown of a marriage with some dark elements, you’ll find plenty to enjoy.” Entertainment Focus

“It’s a smartly told story and whole horror fans will probably guess the ending, it really doesn’t dent its impact. The effort put in to make this a glossier and professional film doesn’t go unnoticed, it really is commendable.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“This is an interesting movie, well made and exceptionally well-acted. It was produced on a budget of just $25,000, but it doesn’t have an overly low budget look to it. There are even some very stylish moments that serve as some nice eye candy. My only issue with it is one that I seem to have with a lot of movies these days – it feels like it goes on a little long.” Life Between Frames

“Above all, it’s a good horror movie, with a powerfully unsettling atmosphere brought about excellently by director Mitch McLeod, and furthered by an often spellbinding central performance from April Hartman. However, despite intelligent dramatic themes and a strong start, the film’s turn to less horror-oriented drama in the second half is a real shame…” The Mad Movie Man

“A very interesting little horror movie that manages to tell a congruent and stringent story and at the same time leave large chunks of it open to interpretation (with the key question of course, are the ghosts Amanda is seeing real or just a figment of her imagination) […] A bit of a slow burn for sure, but all the better for it!” Search My Trash

” …a kind of meditative treatise on marriage and sex with a tease of terror, culminating in a genuinely disturbing end that absolutely feels earned, if not a little too long in the waiting. It’s scary, upsetting, and all the right kinds of ambiguous […] Recommended.” That Moment In

“The cast has to sell the material here, which they do despite the just under two-hour running time […] Tightening this up would have really helped the film. Despite that and a budget of only $25,000, Silhouette is a very solid film with a lot going for it.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

April Hartman … Amanda Harms

Tom Zembrod … Jack Harms

Savannah Solsbery … Sarah Harms

Kim Foster … The Woman

Suzanne Racz … Doctor Lisa Fischer

Natalie Jones … Dawn’s Friend

Deward Lynn Lawrence … Bartender

John Frederick … Bar Patron

Jessica Dawn Willis … Dawn

Filming locations:

Balch Springs, Dallas, Denton and Nevada, Texas

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


Full film free to watch online: