DOCUMENTING THE WITCH PATH (2017) Reviews and overview


‘Where the truth lies’

Documenting the Witch Path is a 2017 Swedish faux-documentary feature film about three young filmmakers investigating the truth behind Witch Lake.

Written and directed by Carl Sundström who also stars alongside Nathaniel P. Erlandsson and Robin Franzén. The Spying Moth movie was produced by Simon Tuomisto.

Three young documentary filmmakers – Nathaniel P. Erlandsson, Robin Franzen and Carl Sundström – discover a path in the woods, which leads to a lake known as Witch Lake. Accused of witchcraft during the 17th century, many innocent men, women and children were drowned in this now infamous lake.

With the entrance to the path covered and the lake closed to the public, the filmmakers venture into the woods in search of a horrifying truth…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“While there is no attempt to disguise or obscure the fact the Carl and his friend survive the experience, what they discovered comes delivered via a twist that will undoubtedly infuriate a large number of viewers, while possibly winning the respect of a few others. The deciding factor will be in just what you, the viewer, is willing to believe.” Horror and Sons

“I appreciated that creepy music was added to the film, even though that doesn’t usually happen with a documentary. The soundtrack by Robin Eriksson Franzén effectively set the mood and made the movie even more entertaining.” Indie Horror Online


In the USA, Terror Films is releasing  Documenting the Witch Path on Friday, October 11th, 2019 via VOD.

Technical details:

58 minutes

Alternate title:

Häxornas Sjö