Ghost in the Graveyard – USA, 2019 – now with more reviews

‘Martha wants to play…’

Ghost in the Graveyard is a 2019 supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Charlie Comparetto, making his feature debut. The Cellar Door Films-JARS Production stars Kelli Berglund, Jake Busey and Olivia Larsen.


A small town comes under the thumb of Martha, a vengeful ghost who returns to haunt the children who witnessed her death during a game of Ghost in the Graveyard in their youth.

Long blamed for the accident, Sally Sullivan (Berglund) must figure out why Martha has returned and how to get her to rest in peace for good. As the mystery of her return unravels, deep secrets are revealed that will have consequences for everyone involved…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …the tone for the movie is perfectly set with its misty graveyard scenes, sinister nun, Sister Brigit (Mary Anisi) and scenes that set up all the scares in just the right way. The film’s climax is also fun, scary and over the top which leaves the audience wanting more of Sally’s adventures, with the film tempting a possible sequel…” BRWC

“There is a lot of fast editing with very short shots in this horror movie […] it is very reminiscent of a Rocky Soraya movie with all its jump scares and a very wild score.” Heaven of Horror

“One of the ongoing issues with Ghost in the Graveyard is that it stumbles over its own feet every chance it gets. The good points are only okay and the not so good points are pretty low. While there are some interesting ideas presented, they are never flushed out or are overshadowed by the awkward pacing and bland script.” Horror Buzz

“Even William Peter Blatty probably would have approved of the way Comparetto presents the eternal struggle between goodness, virtue and light against darkness, fear, and bad vibes. Genre fans need to give it a little time, but its merits emerge down the stretch. Somewhat recommended for fans of the Omen franchise and its like…” J.B. Spins

” …not really a scary film, nor is the plot that original. However, a talented team put this project together, and the end result is a genuine triumph for all involved. The atmosphere throughout the picture is tense and suspenseful, while the characterization is consistent and intelligent.” Morbidly Beautiful

Ghost in the Graveyard doesn’t need jump scares to get you into the mood. It does that by giving us wonderful cemetery shots at night, glimpses of a ghost in passing, and the weight of good versus evil. This film is the embodiment of a good ghost story. It builds slowly.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“For a first time director, Comparetto actually handles this pretty well. Ghost in the Graveyard isn’t perfect, it suffers from a slow start and some clunky dialogue. But once it picks up it moves fast enough and sure enough that you don’t question what’s going on. At least not until the final voice over which sounds like it escaped from a faith-based drama.” Voices from the Graveyard


Ghost in the Graveyard had its world premiere at Dances with Films (DWF) on June 22nd 2019. It is released by DarkCoast on DVD on November 5th 2019.

Main cast:

  • Kelli Berglund
  • Jake BuseyThe Predator; Dead Ant; Dead Again in Tombstone; Arbor Demon; Most Likely to Die; et al
  • Olivia Larsen – The Last Halloween
  • Royce Johnson
  • Joah Carmody
  • Maria OlsenThe Bone BoxImpuratus; The Remains; Mark of the Witch; Consumption; The Levenger Tapes; et al
  • Zebedee Row
  • Tony D. Head
  • Dane West
  • Grace Narducci
  • Cynthia San Luis – Hallucinogen
  • Jacqi Vene
  • Shiloh Verrico
  • Vanessa Urzia
  • Danielle Muehlen
  • Winslow Fegley
  • Kylie Kiss
  • Faye Giordano
  • Karen Xerri
  • Will White

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