Impetigore – Indonesia, 2019 – preview

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Impetigore is a 2019 Indonesian horror feature film about a young woman who returns to her village, to claim an inheritance.

Written and directed by Joko Anwar (Gundala; Satan’s Slaves; Ritual), Perempuan Tanah Jahanam (original title: “Woman of the Cursed Land”) stars Tara Basro, Ario Bayu, Marissa Anita and Christine Hakim.


Maya (Tara Basro) tries to survive in a city without a family. Only her best friend Dini (Marissa Anita) who is always with her to improve their life.

Maya learns that she may inherit property from her rich family in the village. With Dini, Maya returns to the village, unaware of the danger waiting for her…

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“Nearly an hour passes before the central conflicts make themselves known, with the film spending a lot of time building atmosphere, certainly more than necessary. Then, once things start to ramp up, a huge chunk of the actual story is somewhat clumsily dumped in a last-minute flashback that might’ve been much more effective if it’d been delivered in pieces along the way.” Screen Anarchy


  • Indonesia – 17th October 2019
  • Malaysia – 31st October 2019

Cast and characters:

  • Tara Basro … Maya
  • Ario Bayu … Ki Saptadi
  • Marissa Anita … Dini
  • Christine Hakim … Nyi Misni
  • Asmara Abigail … Ratih
  • Kiki Narendra … Bambang
  • Zidni Hakim … Ki Donowongso
  • Faradina Mufti … Nyai Shinta
  • Abdurrahman Arif … Nano
  • Mian Tiara … Siti
  • Aghniny Haque … Laras
  • Muhammad Abe Baasyin … Suryo
  • Ahmad Ramadhan … Tino
  • Eka Nusa Pertiwi … Tiwi
  • Ical Tanjung … Police

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