DOOR IN THE WOODS (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘The gateway to darkness’

Door in the Woods is a 2017 American paranormal horror feature film written and directed by Billy Chase Goforth (Mayfly). The Rockhill Studios-Picture Movers-Anonymous production stars David Rees Snell, Jennifer Pierce Mathus, John-Michael Fisher and CJ Jones.


A young family is tormented by paranormal events when they find a vintage door in the woods and install it in their house. Is this just an abandoned door, or a gateway to something so dark no one sees coming?


“The scare factors and premise aren’t enough to fully carry the film forward. Had Door in the Woods taken a different approach that brought a more unique feeling, I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more. On top of that, the last act of the film took its story in a completely different direction. It’s an average film […] but don’t expect anything worthwhile.” But Why Tho?

“With keyed-up sequences of slow stalking terror that feel very influenced by Kubrickian, Door in the Woods tips its hat to the cinematic flairs of The Shining and attempts to one-up with the tale of a mad haunting that only a deaf shaman (Castle Rock’s CJ Jones) can exorcise. Those are lofty goals to draw parallels to, but it is earned thanks to Goforth’s patience in creating mood and his awareness of tone…” Reel Reviews 

” …it doesn’t try to overwhelm its audience with spectacle to hide a lack of actual story but is based on a well-structured plot and really focuses on its main characters rather than effects, and through their actions and reactions their fears become much more palpable, and the finale, however low key it might be, is surely creepy as heck…” Search My Trash

“The last half hour works up some decent scares and certainly didn’t play out as I expected. But Door in the Woods lack of budget and effects hurts it here. The world behind the door and its denizens are barely glimpsed and that feels like a cheat. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.” Voices from the Balcony

” …until the film goes horror it’s enthralling, suspenseful, independent filmmaking. I even love the poster for it. Then everything horror gets completely overexposed. In his first foray into horror filmmaking and only his second feature film, writer and director Billy Chase Goforth does filmmaking all right but horror all wrong.” Without Your Head

Cast and characters:

  • John-Michael Fisher … Kane
  • Katherine Forbes … Farmer Bradford
  • Lauren Harper … Empusa (voice)
  • Levi Hudson … Bully
  • CJ Jones … Uriah
  • Nikki Monney … The Bad Thing (voice)
  • Carter Moore … Young Boy / Ghost Child
  • Jennifer Pierce Mathus … Evelyn
  • Cassie Self … Librarian
  • Mark Landon Smith … Old Man Ghost
  • David Rees Snell … Redd


Door in the Woods was shown at the Fayetteville Film Festival in 2017.

The movie was released on Digital and DVD by Wild Eye Releasing on October 29th 2019.


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