THE BLOODY MAN (2020) Preview


‘He’s ancient… He’s evil… And he’s terrorizing the 80s.’

The Bloody Man is a 2019 American horror feature film about a nine-year-old who has to face off against the evil titular character.

Directed by Daniel Benedict (Bunni; The Unwanted) from a screenplay co-written with Casi Benedict, the movie stars Tuesday Knight, Lisa Wilcox (both in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4), Mercedez Varble, Dan Eardley, Jason Crowe and Roni Jonah.


In the 1980s, nine-year-old Sam is struggling with family, friends, school, and the evilest being he can imagine… The Bloody Man, who is unknowingly summoned and will stop at nothing to destroy everything Sam holds dear.


The Bloody Man is currently in post-production and will be released onto the film festival circuit in 2020.


  • Tuesday Knight
  • Lisa Wilcox
  • Mercedez Varble
  • Dan Eardley
  • Jason Crowe
  • Roni Jonah
  • Spencer Kingsley
  • Jeremy Carr
  • Paul Gregory
  • Dominick Wilkins
  • Dawn Phillips Fink
  • ZJ Mathews
  • Parker Dean
  • Lila Schaffner