HorrorLand Carnival comes to the Goosebumps: Horror Town mobile game

Goosebumps: Horror Town mobile game – which was launched over a year ago by Pixowl – lets players build and manage a spooky town featuring R.L. Stine monsters, inquisitive humans and story-driven quests.

The game now has a Halloween update called HorrorLand Carnival. The update includes:

  • 1 New Character Chiller
  • 15+ New Items to collect and craft, such as Witch Costume, Mummy Costume, and Ghost Costume
  • 10+ New Animations, like Chiller’s Dance and Fortune reading
  • 20+ New Buildings, such as Crocodile Pond, Guillotine Ride, and Fortune Wheel

To download the game or update click here

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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