GLASS TRAP (2005) Reviews and overview

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‘There’s no escape’

Glass Trap is a 2005 American science-fiction comedy horror feature film about an army of radioactive ants in a skyscraper.

Directed by Fred Olen Ray (as Ed Raymond) from a screenplay written by Lisa Morton and Brett Thompson. The made-for-TV movie stars C. Thomas Howell (Attack of the Killer Donuts; Bigfoot Wars; Camel Spiders), Stella Stevens (Megaconda; The Manitou; Cruise Into Terror), Siri Baruc (Alyce Kills; War Wolves; Thralls) and Brent Huff (Dead & Deader; Final Examination; Oblivion 2: Backlash).


When an army of radioactive ants is unknowingly carted into a skyscraper inside some pot plants, a group of people have to find a way out before they’re eaten one by one…


” …a nice cast for this one headed up by C. Thomas Howell. There is some scenery chewing going on by some of the other actors, but it’s all in good fun […] A mixture of practical effects and CGI was used, this is where the movie shows its low budget the most. The writing was fun and breezy and the movie is nice and short.” Bruce Clement

“The ants themselves are a combo bad rubber/bad CGI, there is no gore and, for the sake of b-movie nerds everywhere, when will these people figure out that lingerie is never as good as nudity? Come on!” Cinema Head Cheese

“Rubber ants, the size of a pug dog, charge after people and I was cheering. I’m glad this flick relied more on creature effects than CGI. It was fun watching the actors get pounced on by the rubber beasties […] If you like creature features and low budget wackiness, you’ll get into Glass Trap.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews

“Not once does Fred Olen Ray jack up the tension, or the mystery, or the gruesomeness. We get a few obligatory shots of bloody corpses, and the finale is designed to be a race-against-the-clock scenario, but neither is actually nerve-wracking. The movie simply takes us through the motions of a monster flick without bothering at any time to wind us up.”

“Fred Olen Ray, directing as Ed Raymond, keeps it moving and the Brett Thompson/Lisa Morton script has a few Cormanesque smart lines (Stevens’ dictum that a successful woman has to learn to run in heels), but it really could do with a greater sense of scale, not to mention even adequate effects and something approaching a grown-up attitude.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …at least you can tell the people making it never once seemed to be taking it seriously and with Ray at the helm it keeps moving at a steady pace and plays out exactly like it’s meant to – as a campy B-movie packed with laughable (and numerous) ant attacks, cheesy dialogue, and plenty of silly moments such as when one giant ant is attacking someone while hanging from a thin wire between two buildings.” The Video Graveyard

Cast and characters:

C. Thomas Howell … Curtis
Stella Stevens … Joan Highsmith
Siri Baruc … Sharon
Brent Huff … Dennis
Chick Vennera … Paolo
Andrew Prine … Sheriff Ed
Peter Spellos … Howard Brunel
Martin Kove … Corrigan
Tracy Brooks Swope … Elizabeth
Whitney Sloan … Carly
John Clement … Jack Warner
Ron Harper … Henry ‘Hank’ Conlon
Mark Ginther … Sam
Diana Kauffman … Mila
Ana Alexander … Lulu

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California


$475,000 (estimated)


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