My Bloody Valentine – Canada, 1981 – Uncut Scream Factory Collector’s Edition Blu-ray details

Classic slasher My Bloody Valentine is being released by Scream Factory as a 2-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray on February 4th 2020. The North American (Region A) release will include new transfers of both the theatrical and unrated cut of the film.

Newly commissioned artwork (above) by artist Joel Robinson will adorn the cover while the original artwork will, of course, be on the reverse.


‘Cross your heart… and hope to die!’

My Bloody Valentine is a 1981 Canadian slasher horror feature film directed by George Mihalka from a screenplay by John Beaird.


The movie stars Neil Affleck, Cynthia Dale, Don Francks, Lori Hallier and Patricia Hamilton.


A decades-old folk tale surrounding a deranged murderer killing those who celebrate Valentine’s Day turns out to be true to legend when a group defies the killer’s order and people start turning up dead.

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Reviews [click links to read more]:

“My Bloody Valentine stands up with Black Christmas as the best Canada has to offer in the oft-slighted slasher horror sub-genre. The unstoppable evil miner is very effective, his identity hidden by a gas mask and a construction helmet with headlight […] It also doesn’t hurt that the films is competently made, well shot, and expertly paced.” Canuxsploitation!

“Boasting the key elements that would make an effective slasher – a masked killer, horny victims and an isolated environment – My Bloody Valentine would fail to spawn a succession of sequels like many of its contemporaries but still struck a chord with audiences.” Retro Slashers


” …a hugely enjoyable piece of hokum. Fairly well-acted, with likeable leads. It has a high sheen gloss, the above-average production values and crisp cinematography really help make it a class item – of course, this was the time that the studios were putting their money behind the lucrative ‘teens-in-peril’ sub-genre. It also benefits by slightly poking fun at itself, but without turning into a dreaded ‘horror-comedy’.” Hysteria Lives!


‘The film also manages a good few popcorn-jolts, as well as being genuinely frightening in places, no more so than when the killer walks slowly in pursuit, smashing each light bulb, plunging more of the mine into total blackness … Overall one of the best slasher movies from the early 1980s.’ J.A. Kerswell, Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut


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“The direction by George Mihalka is confident and first-rate. He mines (excuse the pun) the best from a solid, believable cast and the somewhat dreary yet charming smalltown location. A creepy score by the always reliable Paul Zaza, along with his effective folksy end tune The Ballad of Harry Warden, adds immeasurably to the mood of fear and desperation.” The Terror Trap

“Unquestionably better than its cynical and nonsensical remake, My Bloody Valentine is one of the top slasher films of its day (and, indeed, ever) and anybody intending to gather a decent cross-section of titles that illustrate how much fun the slasher flick is, should not discount it.” Vegan Voorhees

“Despite the fact that script is pretty by-the-book, there’s no real suspense and a pretty weak final fight (which I think is the fault of the sluggish choreography) this is still a watchable time with a flashback/backstory sequence that’s decent, some alright kills (though most are edited down to get the “R” rating, apparently there is an “uncut” version out there) and steady direction.” The Video Graveyard

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The film is infamous for having had nine minutes cut by the MPAA due to the sheer amount of violence and gore. Though co-producer Dunning confirmed that the excised footage still existed, attempts to release it proved difficult as Paramount Pictures refused to offer an uncut version. Lionsgate subsequently secured DVD rights to the film and released the uncut version on January 13, 2009 (Lionsgate released the remake into theatres soon after).

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Cast and characters:

  • Paul Kelman as Jesse “T.J.” Hanniger
  • Lori Hallier as Sarah
  • Neil Affleck as Axel Palmer
  • Cynthia Dale as Patty
  • Don Francks as Chief Jake Newby
  • Keith Knight as Hollis
  • Alf Humphreys as Howard Landers
  • Patricia Hamilton as Mabel Osborne
  • Gina Dick as Gretchen
  • Terry Waterland as Harriet
  • Thomas Kovacs as Mike Stavinski
  • Larry Reynolds as Mayor Hanniger
  • Jim Murchison as Tommy
  • Helene Udy as Sylvia
  • Rob Stein as John
  • Carl Marotte as Dave
  • Jack Van Evera as Happy
  • Peter Cowper as Harry Warden/The Miner

Filming locations:

Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada


The original title was The Secret.

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