HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS (2017) Reviews and overview



‘Where death’s door is always open…’

House of Many Sorrows is a 2017 American horror feature film about a country inn run by a mentally unstable young man.

Written and directed by Barry J. Gillis (Tales from the Dead Zone; The Killing Games; Wicked World; Things), the movie stars Ginger Lynn Allen, Laurence R. Harvey (For We Are Many; The Editor; The Human Centipede II), Kim Sønderholm and Tom Malloy.


After a mentally unstable young man takes over his terminally ill mother’s bed and breakfast operation, guests at a country inn begin disappearing and dying…


” …think John Waters or Tommy Wiseau but with even less manners. House of Many Sorrows should hit the right spot for any shotgun-killer itches you may need scratched; it is worth a look, if not only for the fact that Gillis continues to produce sexually charged, gut-wrenching (emotionally and visually), and unique trash cinema.” Horror Buzz

House of Many Sorrows is a weirdly compelling film. There’s never any doubt who the killer is and all of the characters are shallow and undeveloped. But the stream of conscious voice-overs, bare-bones sets and barely competent cinematography combined to mesmerize me. Add in touches like events from the film suddenly playing on Arthur’s TV and you have an entertaining dose of WTF cinema.” Voices from the Balcony


Cast and characters:

  • Ginger Lynn Allen … Jocelyn Mathers
  • Laurence R. Harvey … Detective Hitchcock
  • Kim Sønderholm … Maximilian Smith
  • Tom Malloy … Mack Dragoni
  • John Garofalo II … Arthur Caverly
  • Nella Virga … Janet
  • Samantha Brownlee … Loni Blake
  • Betty Maxwell … Mother
  • Jolene Mackenzie … Kimberly
  • Abi Lawson … Preacher
  • Ali Ross … Tracey Collins
  • Talayna Ekelund … Bible Crusader
  • Lon Chaney … TV Segment (archive footage)
  • Johnny Cash … TV Segment (archive footage)



Horror websites reported on House of Many Sorrows filming in 2015 but post-production seems to have taken longer than planned.

On 21st November 2016, a Facebook update reported that “Other than the Final Sound Mix, the Movie is Completed…”

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