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‘We all have to sacrifice for family’

Red Handed is a 2019 American mystery feature film about a secret rural sect abducting children for sacrifice.

Written and directed by Frank Peluso, the movie stars Michael Biehn (The GirlAliens; The Terminator) Ryan Carnes, Owen Burke and Kenzie Dalton. Produced by Nick Cassavetes and Aaron Steele-Nicholson. Michael Madsen has a cameo role.

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In the country hills of Oregon, a legacy remains of children’s disappearances at a young age to baptise or sacrifice on behalf of the ancient occult that carried into the 21st Century. Fast forward to a family of men who reunite following the murder of their father (Michael Madsen.)

Adult brothers Duffy (Christian Madsen), Gus and Pete, charge forward with their mates and one young son to bury the ashes of their beloved father by the lake the family grew up near.


Uncle Reynolds (Biehn) opens up his cabin mansion to receive the entire family and discuss some of the hidden family secrets – the most alarmingly lurking story about oldest brother Pete who was sent to a facility when he was a little boy for mental issues. Pete’s flashbacks from the beginning are piecing together the potential outcome and dread to shadow over Duffy’s son, Louie. And it’s an ominous tale of family mysteries.

When the family spends time with the strange kinfolk neighbors, the men are separated (mostly by the sexuality of the obvious “nieces”) and led astray, exposing little Louie to a threatening maliciousness.

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While Pete frantically follows the instincts from his brutal memories, he claims his role in the family’s functionality to save Louie from similar torments he once endured.

Christian Madsen tries to follow in his famous dad’s footsteps as Duffy, the most down to earth brother whose moment of weakness leads to a fearful transgression where he must make the same decision his father did many moons ago… follow the family’s order or suffer beyond the most tormenting pain imaginable.

Biehn delivers a stellar performance as the wolf in sheep’s clothing – head of the household and tyrannical motives to control every ounce of the lineage for future malevolent mortality.

Red Handed is a roller coaster of emotions amongst men and subsequently, the bond between brothers. Unsettling, yet worth a watch!

Meredith Brown, MOVIES & MANIA

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Red Handed premiered at SPIFFest in Los Angeles in October 2019 and is released on DVD and Digital by High Octane Pictures on December 3rd 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Michael Biehn … Reynolds
  • Ryan Carnes … Gus
  • Owen Burke … Pete
  • Kenzie Dalton … Laurel
  • Rick Salomon … Dale
  • Christian Madsen … Duffy
  • Clement von Franckenstein … Tillman
  • Jay Seals … Doherty
  • Beth Miller … Nano
  • Caroline Vreeland … Rachael
  • Hunter Daily … Allegra
  • Thyme Lewis … Enos
  • Kurt Andon … Finch
  • Jeb Berrier … Drucker
  • Sage Mayer … Shiloh

Working title:

Children of Moloch


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