Slashorette Party – USA, 2020 – preview

Slashlorette Party is a 2020 American horror slasher feature film about a maniac stalking guests at a bachelorette party held in the woods.

Directed by Paul Ragsdale (Streets of Vengeance; Cinco De Mayo) from a screenplay co-written with Angelica De Alba, the A&P Films production stars Molly Souza, Andrew Brown, Brooke Morris, Nina Lanee Kent and Robert Holloway.

Ginger Lynn Allen (31; The Devil’s Rejects; Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain; Satan’s Storybook) and Drew Marvick (director of Pool Party Massacre and its forthcoming sequel) have cameo roles.


A young woman suffering from anxiety is taken by her friends to a remote cabin in the woods to celebrate her bachelorette party.

The fun and games are cut short when an uninvited guest begins killing off the wedding party, one by one…



Slashorette Party should be completed by Spring 2020.

Cast and characters:

  • Ginger Lynn Allen … Doctor Petra Jordan
  • Drew Marvick … Dean
  • Krystal Shay … Lacey
  • Joseph T. Hypes … Finn
  • Molly Souza … Brie
  • Daniel James Moody … Eddie
  • Nina Lanee Kent … Nia
  • Robert Holloway … Seth
  • Drue Mendenhall … Kevin
  • Jasmine March … Charlotte
  • Devin March … Bret
  • Luis Maya … Jimmy
  • Katee Hudson … Mandy
  • Shalene Prasad … Trinity
  • Brooke Morris … Alexa



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