Shriekshow – USA, 2020 – preview of new horror anthology flick

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‘Welcome to the scariest show on Earth!’

Shriekshow is a 2020 American horror anthology feature film about a circus ringmaster who tells three terrifying tales on Halloween night.

Directed by Brad Twigg (Deathboard; Harvest of Horrors; WrestleMassacre; Killer Campout; Frames of Fear) from a screenplay written by Todd Martin, Chris O’Brocki and Douglas Snauffer, the movie stars Felissa Rose, Tuesday Knight, Beverly Randolph and Chris O’Brocki.


On Halloween night, four friends visit an abandoned circus to party. They encounter a ringmaster setting up a sideshow exhibit who proceeds to tell them three terrifying tales…


Shriekshow is currently in production with a planned Fall 2020 release.


Cast and characters:

  • Felissa Rose … Gloria
  • Tuesday Knight … Doctor Harris
  • Beverly Randolph … Alex’s Mother
  • Chris O’Brocki … Ringmaster
  • Jimmy Flame … Sam
  • Justin P. Warren
  • Harvey Roberts … Cameron’s Father
  • George Stover … Officer Prescott
  • Rosanna Nelson … Kellianne
  • Julio Bana Fernandez … Cameron
  • Andy Vineberg … Howie
  • DéRome A. Chrétien … Kobold
  • Tara Zapata … Cameron’s Mother
  • Rick Jermain … Edgar
  • Matt Burns … Clank
  • Brucellious Morris Jr. … Riley
  • Jason Delgado … Chris
  • Yasmin Qudah … Sage
  • Colleen Tidd … Buttons
  • Justin P. Martin … Kyle
  • Rosaria Elsa … Alex
  • Hudson Barry … Young Cameron
  • Maxx Morrison … Mr Diamond
  • Sam Bredland … Skeleton
  • Bethany Shana … Cuddles
  • Frederick Cowie … Jon
  • Shane Lowry … Nick
  • Jessica Rose … Pyro
  • Ashley Asphyxiation … Cheeky
  • Alex Bredland … Princess
  • Maggie Hill … Clover
  • Nicholas Yoder II … Fidget
  • Matthew L. Furman … Randy
  • Matthew Britner … Chuckles the Clown

Some image credits: Horror Society


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