STRANDED (2020) Preview of indie Bigfoot production

Stranded is a 2020 American horror feature film about a group of siblings who become the victims of a sasquatch in the wilderness.

Produced, directed and written by Shawn Burkett (Don’t in the Woods and sequel; Betsy; Watch ThisTheatre of the Deranged II; et al), the Concept Media production stars Dale Miller, Brittany Blanton, Payton Pleska, Julie Anne Prescott, Mike Pleska and Scott Gillespie.


A group of siblings go into the wilderness to fulfil their mother request of scattering her ashes in a location where she was fond of as a child. Along the way, they are forced to hash out issues and reopen old wounds before they become stranded on an old country road…


At the time of writing, the movie is filming in Ohio.

Stranded has an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise further funds for production costs which, at the time of writing, has raised 209% of its flexible total.


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