CLOWNERY (2019) Reviews and overview


‘They just want to have fun’

Clownery is a 2019 Italian horror feature film about a young woman traumatised by visions of creepy clowns.

Directed by Eros D’Antona (Die in One Day; Haunted) from a screenplay co-written with Carlo De Santis, the Funny Dreamers stars Kateryna Korchynska (Die in One Day; Road to Hell; The Wicked Gift), Serena P. Palmisano, Alex D’Antona (Caleb; Road to Hell; Haunted) and Mirko D’Antona.


After a terrible trauma on her birthday, Emma chooses not to celebrate it again. However, when she turns twenty-one, a friend of her breaks the ritual with a surprise party, unaware of awakening horrors, which for years have been waiting in the darkness…


Cast and characters:

  • Kateryna Korchynska … Emma
  • Serena P. Palmisano … Allison
  • Alex D’Antona … Charlie
  • Mirko D’Antona … Buster
  • Joe Pansa … Mr Wallace
  • Pietro Sportelli … Matty
  • Roberto D’Antona … Bobby
  • Ida Perrucci … Ginger
  • Cristina Gravina … Tina
  • Arianna Valentino … Veronica
  • Carlo De Santis … Drug-Addicted Student
  • Nunzio Santoro … Store Clerk
  • Osman Omar … Italian Cinema Professor
  • Emily Bevilacqua … Young Emma
  • Dario Grassi … Student #1

Technical details:

80 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1

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