THE GALAXY INVADER (1985) Reviews and overview

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The Galaxy Invader – aka Galaxy Invader – is a 1985 American sci-fi horror feature film written and directed by Don Dohler (The Alien Factor; FiendNightbeast) with additional story credits by Anne Frith and David W. Donoho.

The movie stars Richard Ruxton (Curse of the Screaming DeadBlood Massacre; Harvesters), Faye Tilles, George Stover, Greg Dohler (Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood; The Dead Matter), Ann Firth, Don Leifert, Dick Dyszel, Theresa Harold.



A glowing object, that seems to be a meteor, careers toward the Earth. It narrowly misses a young student who sees it as it falls into the forest ahead of him.

A couple of hours later, a young couple hears a noise in their basement and go down to see what it is. They are terrified and wrestled to the ground by a grey-green monster, subsequently known as the ‘Galaxy Invader’. The alien is then hunted by a gang of local drunken men intent on cashing in on the creature…


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“Even without all the time given over to forcing upon us an intimate knowledge of the woods around Perry Hall, Maryland, The Galaxy Invader would be one of the been-there-done-that-iest movies of the mid-1980’s. With all the arboreal padding, it becomes positively soporific.” 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting


“Chock-full of homemade SPFX and a luscious ’80s synth soundtrack, The Galaxy Invader is a solid entry in the pantheon of Dohler, as it gains an ever-growing fan base. Though not quite as “epic” as The Alien Factor and not as “dark” as Fiend, TGI remains a fun, often surprising horror-fi adventure set in the woods in and around Dohler’s Maryland homestead!” Oddservations

“The narrative actually revolves more around a violent lush, played by another regular Richard Ruxton, spearheading the backward hunt. Every booze-fuelled decision eventually drives him to be at deadly odds with his own family. Unlike Dohler’s other straight forward potboilers, Galaxy Invader offers a morality play over the destructive nature of alcoholism with a side of ugly alien, cheesy optical laser effects, and flashpoint explosions.” Basement of Ghoulish Decadence


“This one attempts to tell a more old-fashioned, well-intentioned story about a mother and her children fighting back against their brutal patriarch, but it takes too many detours and lacks focus. Combine that with mostly bad acting and dialogue, inadequate character development and poor pacing, and the effect is cardboard schmaltz. There’s also not enough man-in-a-rubber-suit alien action in here either.” The Bloody Pit of Horror



Choice dialogue:
Doctor William Tracy: “Oh great! The biggest scientific event in the entire world has been lassoed by a bunch of rednecks!”

Cast and characters:

  • Richard Ruxton as Joe Montague
  • Faye Tilles as Carol Montague
  • George Stover as J.J. Montague
  • Greg Dohler as David Harmon
  • Ann Firth as Ethel Montague
  • Don Leifert as Frank Custer
  • Dick Dyszel as Doctor William Tracy
  • Theresa Harold as Vickie Johnson
  • Glenn Barnes as the alien
  • Cliff Lambert as Michael Smith
  • Jerry Schuerholz as McGregor
  • Paul Wilson as Thompson
  • David W. Donoho as Giddings (credited as David Donoho)
  • Doug Moran as Turner

Filming locations:
Baltimore, Maryland

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