THE BUTCHER (2019 Reviews and overview


‘Dinner is served’

The Butcher is a 2019 American horror feature film about a mass-murdering serial killer chef operating in Los Angeles in 1995.

Written, directed, edited by and starring Michael Moutsatsos, the movie also stars Maria Olsen (Jaws of Los Angeles; Krampus Origins; The Ghost in the Graveyard; et al), Noel Jason Scott and Sam Mason.


Thaddeus Hyatt is a Los Angeles chef who has mad cow disease. He kidnaps tourists, kills them, injects his own blood into the bodies, then feeds the infected meat to unexpecting diners at his restaurant…


The Butcher is a highly ambitious film that utilizes a handicam-like film style. He plays the titular role with disturbing gusto, reminding the viewer of gritty films such as The New York Ripper (1982) and Pieces (1982).” Pop Horror

“The Butcher is not a film that turns away from its more violent content, it’s not a film that holds any pretensions or fishes for redeeming excuses for its brutality, and it does find humour in its dark proceedings, and it does all that in a very entertaining way.” Search My Trash

“Shot on video, The Butcher reminds me of films like Las Vegas Bloodbath or Spine. It wants to be an over the top piece of extreme horror but doesn’t have the effects budget to back up its plot […] Most of the killings rely on sound effects and occasional blood splashes.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Michael Moutsatsos … Thaddeus Hyatt
  • Maria Olsen … Beatrice Hyatt
  • Noel Jason Scott … Mr Cremator
  • Sam Mason … Slayer
  • Damien Colletti … Narrator / Reporter Kevin Reily (voice)
  • Patrick Jackson O’Neal … Michael Meyers
  • Caroline DeGrave … Chloe Deneuve
  • Laura Meadows … Madam Zelda
  • Rocco Bovo … Doctor Comfort
  • Moses Cubero … Tourist Victim
  • Rose Grade … Young Beatrice Hyatt
  • Rotem Hacker … Party attendant
  • Eric Hinwood … Spanish Tourist
  • Theryn Hittle … Young Thaddeus
  • Tanner Kerrins … Philip

Filming locations:

Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Los Angeles, California

Technical details:

75 minutes

NB. Not to be confused with Edward Gorsuch’s 2006 film, The Butcher.

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